The Branches of Time


The Branches of Time (2020)
Tabletop roleplaying adventure
Game design, Layout, Story: Bum Lee
Cover Image: veeterzy on Unsplash
Interior Art: DMs Guild Creator Resource

The Branches of Time is a series of tabletop adventures exploring the theme of time travel.

Somewhere on the front lines of the Last War, the inventor of the sentient warforged, Aaren d’Cannith, wanders the battlefields. Can a band of time travelers find Aaren in the branches of time before he vanishes from history and recover a secret that can save the warforged of the distant future?

The Branches of Time is a time travel campaign set in the world of Eberron. The Harvest of War is the first in a series of adventures that take place during the Last War. This is a three to four-hour adventure designed for characters of 1st level.

In this adventure you can…

  • Join the invaders or defenders of Karrnath in the trenches while searching for Aaren d’Cannith
  • Brave the dangers of the Karrnathi front, including a malfunctioning mabaran resonator
  • Find additional suggestions for running a time travel campaign including a dragonmarked subrace for warforged characters from the future who have the Mark of Time