Do Chatbots Dream of Eldritch Beasts?


DO CHATBOTS DREAM OF ELDRITCH BEASTS? What happens when an algorithm is trained on data corrupted by cosmic evil? ALChat is a real-time data-mining generative AI with a malign intelligence. Just as a diffusion model destroys data to create images, ALChat murders the living to create new synthetic life. In this modern Call of Cthulhu scenario, the investigators must solve the mystery by navigating a rapidly shifting metaverse, investigating and weathering online flame wars, and delving through the shadows of the deep web. They will face AI-generated horrors and avatars of the dead brought back to life. Will they find the answers that they seek before their world is forever altered by machines learning from the Mythos?

The Swanmay and the Woodsman


THE SWANMAY AND THE WOODSMAN is a gothic horror adventure inspired by the legends of shapeshifters paralleled in many cultures, from Celtic mythology to Korean folklore. The Swanmay and the Woodsman had lived contentedly until the Swanmay vanished on the night their daughter was born. Now, the Daughter wants to seek out the mother she has never known, but when a dark power conspires to entrap the family, what choices will they make?

Seaside Salvage


Visions, vanishings, and vacation fever are plaguing the residents of Salvation Outpost. In the ruins of the town of Seaside along Kraken Bay… treasures and terrors await.

SEASIDE SALVAGE is an anthology of five adventures for the Oracle of War campaign and D&D Adventurers League. These adventures are set in and around the ruins of Seaside, a harbor town along the coasts of the Mournland in the world of Eberron.

  • Fight rival gangs for control of the harbor market in Big Trouble in Little Seaside…
  • Investigate a lighthouse transmitting a psionic signal and discover The Light Keeper…
  • Explore an underground resort where things aren’t what they seem and solve the Murder in the Hot Springs…
  • Defend your base from a vengeful ghost ship called Queen Mishann’s Revenge…
  • Bring back a renegade scion of House Orien, dead or alive, by winning A Race to the Sea…

A Crimson Carol


Ebon’ezar ir’Scrüge, a mean and heartless corpse dealer, has decided to shed the last of his humanity by becoming an everlasting lich. His sole employee, the warforged Ratchet, is afraid of being sacked if his boss become a tireless undead creature capable of working without rest. The adventurers must try to save Ebon’ezar’s soul (and Ratchet’s job) before the nights of the Long Shadows come to an end.

A CRIMSON CAROL is a supplementary adventure for 12 Christmas Slays, a collection of holiday-themed monsters made by the Holidanger Team. This is a three-hour adventure for characters of 12th or 13th level.

You can also play it as a Tier 3 salvage mission for the Oracle of War campaign by making the adjustments listed in the sidebars of the adventure.

Riddles of the Cyclopes


A mad tyrant rules an enchanted isle and challenges travelers to a contest of riddles. Those that fail the trial are transformed into one-eyed monsters. Will you survive the riddles of the cyclopes?

RIDDLES OF THE CYCLOPES is an adventure for four to six characters of 5th level. It can be played as a standalone adventure or as part of an ongoing campaign. It includes a collection of riddles that can be adapted and used independently.

This document also includes setting-specific adventure hooks and epilogues that can be used to easily place this adventure in the Eberron, Forgotten Realms, and Theros campaign settings.

Letters from the Heart


A member of House Vadalis is looking for someone to pen her letters of affection to a royal prince. The search for a ghostwriter leads to new revelations and love that transcends time and space.

LETTERS FROM THE HEART is an event-based adventure set in Sharn the City of Towers. It is suitable for 2nd or 3rd level characters and takes approximately three to four hours of play. This adventure encourages roleplaying and storytelling, and it is filled with twists and turns that keep the players guessing.

The Lover’s Potion


Paulus and Diana are two apprentice alchemists who are secretly in love with each other. When a renowned knight threatens to get between them, Paulus resorts to drastic measures. Can you save Paulus, Diana, and the people of Arcanix from a giant mistake?

THE LOVER’S POTION is an event-based adventure set in the small town of Arcanix. It is suitable for 1st or 2nd level characters and takes approximately three to four hours of play. This is a standalone adventure filled with drama, deception, and disaster, and can serve as an introduction to the world of Eberron.

Saving Salvation


When the lightning rail stops coming to town, Salvation falls on hard times. Can you help the outpost survive and bring back the lightning rail?

SAVING SALVATION is a collection of three adventures for 1st to 4th level characters. These adventures can be played as salvage missions as part of the Oracle of War campaign and D&D Adventurers League organized play in the Eberron setting.

Distress Call. Sheriff asks you to find an underground message station to send a distress call to the outside world.

Boneyard Brewery. Salvation’s tavern owners ask you to recover stockpiles of ale from the ruins of the Bakker Farm and Brewery.

Under Siege.
Save your salvage base and the people of Salvation from marauding gangs of mutants and outlaws.