A Crimson Carol


Ebon’ezar ir’Scrüge, a mean and heartless corpse dealer, has decided to shed the last of his humanity by becoming an everlasting lich. His sole employee, the warforged Ratchet, is afraid of being sacked if his boss become a tireless undead creature capable of working without rest. The adventurers must try to save Ebon’ezar’s soul (and Ratchet’s job) before the nights of the Long Shadows come to an end.

A CRIMSON CAROL is a supplementary adventure for 12 Christmas Slays, a collection of holiday-themed monsters made by the Holidanger Team. This is a three-hour adventure for characters of 12th or 13th level.

You can also play it as a Tier 3 salvage mission for the Oracle of War campaign by making the adjustments listed in the sidebars of the adventure.